Learning is Cool After School Program

There is a new after school program at McKinley Elementary. It’s called “Learning is Cool After School Program.” The program helps students become fully developed in all aspects. It addresses a variety of after-school programs like, tutoring, mentoring, skill-based activities, family nights and special events. Mrs. Hiscox, the site coordinator of the program, wants to provide a safe environment for the children; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Enrichment and recreational activities will help strengthen various components of the child, which include; health and wellness, self-worth, self-esteem, specific talents and skills, creativity and life skills. There are also many fieldtrips the students take; touring the police department, touring the fire department, etc. The program is three hours long, 3:15-6:15pm, Monday-Friday. There are several volunteers and students who help Mrs. Hiscox, such as Tami Walker, Candice Papp, Sarah Cruz, Patty Boyd, Lou Thompson, Nadine Kale, Peggy Smith, and Aaron Hinchliffe. “I believe the program has impacted the students greatly, we have 40 students who come every day and get their work done,” said Mrs. Hiscox. She is also looking for high school students who are willing to come down and help out the students.