Gidim – New Album Review


Rings of Saturn released a new album on the 25th of October of this year called Gidim, which translates to “ancient ghost” in Sumerian Cuneiform. It’s called the “ancient ghost” because the ancient ghost created the universe. This is why the album cover is the big bang. The purpose of this album was to revisit their roots, such as their first technical death metal album Embryonic Anomaly, they made in 2011, or Lugal Ki En, which they released in 2014. These two albums have something in common and that’s how they have a mean sound to them. Embryonic Anomaly was full of slow heavy riffs but is was basic. Also the drums weren’t acoustic, they actually used an electronic drum set which gives it that punchy artificial sound. Lugal Ki En was more about RoS showing what they really could do. They began with groovy main riffs and crazy fast blastbeats. This album is supposed to merge the two together.

The album starts off with the song “Pustules,” which features Charles Caswell who plays guitar for another really good tech death band, Berried Alive. As soon as the song starts, there’s the signature Rings of Saturn pick sweeping and pinch harmonics.

Track 3 on the album is “Hypodermis Glitch,” which features Dan Watson who was the former vocalist of Infant Annihilator and is now the vocalist for Enterprise Earth. I won’t lie, hearing Dan Watson’s vocals in a “Rings of Saturn” song gives me chills. I feel that more bands should do songs with vocalists more often. Overall, the song is very slow, but very fast at the same time. The last two minutes, there is a guitar track playing like a three note melody for about 30 seconds. Then you get hit with this insane breakdown that frankly makes me squirm in my seat. This is one of my personal favs from this album.

The albums ending track is their title track as well. Rings of Saturn has always ended their albums with really melodic instrumentals. They’re honestly amazing, every album is a different style. This album is a folk sounding kind of intro, then it goes into the crazy fast electric guitars. But they do sample the acoustic guitars in the intro throughout the rest of the song. The melody is a really catchy fast guitar solo, but it goes on the entire song and hardly repeats at all.

Overall this album is everything I was hoping for plus some. Well worth the wait for it. Anyone who likes melodic metal, this is an album right up your alley. I would rate this album a 9.7/10.