New Options in the Cafeteria


The question of the year, is lunch better this year than it was last school year? Tyler Palmer and Aiden Dale both agreed lunch is better this year.

The changes from last year to this year include better taste, more food and beverage options, and a heating tray for the pizza. They also said eating lunch this year is easier because when you walk into the cafeteria you can just get lunch at your own pace instead of being called by grades.

You can make you own sandwich and choose what goes on it. This includes different types of cheeses, meats, condiments, and anything else you may want on it. You are also given an option to choose from a variety of different breads.

Each lunch costs about two dollars and fifty cents which was the same as last year, unless you applied for a free lunch. The portions are more than they were last year and they both said they feel full when they leave lunch as opposed to how they felt last year.

The lunch ladies/men are very patient and nice to you when you are trying to figure out what you want. During lunch if they ask to leave, they still have the sign out rule that did not change from last year. Their lunch starts at 12:39pm and ends at 1:09pm. You are not allowed to have more than seven people at a table due to loudness and chaos.

Tyler and Aiden said that they agree that freshmen and sophomores should have last lunch after juniors and seniors. They said its respect that juniors and seniors should have lunch before because they are upper classmen.