DAHS Book Bag Ban


Since DAHS has banned book bags, numerous students and faculty have had various opinions about the topic. The majority of them are against the decision to remove book bags from hallways and classrooms. It has been a widely discussed debate all throughout the student body.

There are some pros to not having book bags. The book bags can be a safety issue. Some teachers and staff members are not sure what is in the book bags. Mr. Miller, a high school English teacher, says that he does not like the students having book bags and he sees no reason for students to have them in the classroom. He also stated that when he went to Liberty High School, they were not allowed to carry book bags around.

There are also some cons to not having book bags. Many students have an issue with not being able to carry book bags due to the fact that they do not always have time to go to their lockers in between periods. This makes them either late to class or unprepared for the classes they are going to. It makes the average school day even more stressful for students because they have to rush around between classes to go to their lockers and some peoples lockers are all the way across school from their classes. If they could have book bags they would have everything they need right there with them. When they are late because they go to their lockers they get in trouble, which many believe is unfair.

There may be some ways to fix the current issues revolving the no book bags rule. The administration could lengthen the time in between classes so students are able to go to their lockers, go to the bathroom if needed, and get to class on time. Many students believe that book bags should just be brought back and they should be allowed to carry them, others have suggested they could carry book bags if they were clear. So you would be able to see the contents of the book bags, making them much safer. However, as of right now the no book bag rule still stands.