Cross Country


The cross country team started their season In August. The head coach is Mrs. Mundy and she loves to run. She says, “I find cross country relaxing, very enjoyable.” She likes to get to know the runners as people, not just as students. She got into the sport because she loved that the team was more of a family than a team, “there are more bonds between the teams, the kids, the coaches, and everyone cheers everyone on.” Mrs. Mundy plans on coaching till she no longer finds it fun or relaxing.

Greggory Wright is a sophomore member of the high school team. He said, “I started running for the DAHS cross country team about 2 years ago, I got into the sport my freshman year, knowing that it was all running.  The thing I like most about cross country is how we are all a family who support each other, its competitive, but fun as well.” The easiest course for Greggory to run is the Salem course, and he is inspired to run by seeing all the runners go the distance and run their hardest. “I want to run until I can’t do it anymore.”

Megan Chludzinski is a junior member of the high school team. This is her 5th year running with the cross country team. She loves to run. Her sisters made her join the team but she is glad they forced her. The easiest course for Megan is the Boardman course and the hardest is the Poland course. “I like how the team gets along and you get to watch yourself get better throughout the season.” Megan sees herself running after high schoo,l but not competitively.

Nick Freeman is a junior high runner on the team. This is Nicks first year and he says, “I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’ve become a stronger runner than I was before. The hardest course of the season had to have been East Palestine and the easiest was the Columbiana.” Nick came in 6th at their last meet with a time of 11.25 for a two mile run. Nick’s goal every run is to pass his previous time he ran before. Nick plans to continue running until he’s old.