Vaping Effects – Know the Risks


The first modern e-cigarette was made by the Chinese firm Hon Lik, in the mid 2000’s. But within the past few years it has become a lot more popular. It was meant to be an alternative way to help quit smoking cigarettes, although it ended up creating a new trend with middle school and high school students. Vapes and Juuls contain a lot of harmful chemicals that you are putting into your lungs. Vapes and Juuls that contain nicotine, trigger lung inflammation as well as lung tissue damage. Nicotine impairs the brain and lung development if used during adolescence. The amount of nicotine in one Juul pod is the same amount of nicotine as in a pack of cigarettes.

There have been over 450 possible cases of lung illnesses associated with using e- cigarettes. So far there has been a reported number of 6 deaths due to vaping. Some of the patients reported using cannabinoid products such as THC. Laboratory tests conducted at the New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center in Albany showed “very high levels” of vitamin E acetate in the cannabis-containing samples, the state health department announced. Vitamin E acetate is now “a key focus” of the state’s investigation into the illnesses, the New York Department of Health said. Some of the products that have been found to contain vitamin E acetate are candy-flavored vapes (

The CDC warns that e-cigarettes should not be used by teenagers, young adults, pregnant women or adults who do not currently use tobacco products. I believe that vaping does more harm than good. It has opened a whole new market for teenagers and young adults. Many of these young people had never even touched a cigarette but are now addicted to nicotine.