Football Spirit Week


Homecoming is right around the corner so you already know what that means, time to get ready for spirit week! This year’s themes are different than the ones we have done for previous dances. The cheerleaders worked hard to come up with new and exciting ideas to kick off this year’s fall homecoming.

The theme for Monday, October 7th will be “Mathlete vs Athlete” for those who hit the books more than the field or court, this is your time to shine. Tuesday, October 8th is “Disney Day” to show off your favorite Disney characters.  On Wednesday, October 9th we will see the good battling the evil on “Hero vs Villain Day’. Thursday, October 10th is all about the popular trends on social media, dress up as your favorite Vine, Meme, or Tik Toc. To close out the week, Friday, October 11th will be “Decades Day” so dress up as someone from your favorite decade.

We would love to see everyone participate and have fun with this year’s themes. Show everyone you have the most school spirit!