Different Paths – Positive Results


Many high school students took the regular path and had a “normal” high school experience with 7-8 classes a day. They had homework almost every night, projects they forgot about until the last day, lunches and study halls sometimes used as a safety net for forgotten work. Some students also decided to go to the Career Center or participate in sports, which were  big parts of their high school experience.

Senior Garrett Cox played baseball, football and basketball for all four years of high school. Garrett said that he did not have a hard time with school and sports. He said that he enjoyed his time playing sports and it did not have an effect on his school life. Garrett said that participating in sports does not make school more difficult. He referenced one of our schools valedictorians, Josh Entriken, who has played sports all throughout high school.

Senior Zach Puchajda chose a different path and has gone to the Career Center for culinary arts for the past two years.  He said that attending CCCTC has not negatively affected his high school experience. Zach thinks going to CCCTC was a great choice and has helped him more than anything else. He said that he has had an easier time with school and has certificates that will help in his life.