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Senior Wills

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Alanna Powell- I will leave my flag line love to Cheyanne Schreffler.

Rain McKinnon- I will leave my normal high school experience to everyone.

Justin Sweeney- I will leave my basketball skills to Ryan McCullough.

Logan Bell- I will leave my fastball to Tyler Welsh.

Seth Donaldson- I will leave my sense of humor to Blake Donaldson.

Garrett Cox- I will leave my lack of a soul to anyone.

Emme Powell- I will leave my best smile to Alivia Leyman.

Katie Chludzinski- I will leave the water bottles in the bottom of my locker to Megan Chludzinski.

Kyleen Culler- I will leave my love of Halloween and memories of junior study hall to Taylor Deland.

Kenzie Brown- I will leave the clarinet section to Grace, Olivia, and Garett.

Zack Puchajda- I will leave my soul stealing ability to the next ginger.

Cody Rose- I will leave my wrestling captain position to Arron Dotson.

Josh Drohn- I will leave my extensive WWE knowledge to Mr. Votaw.

Tyler Lindimore- I will leave my trumpet section to Jackson.

Jayda McCormick- I will leave my dancing skills to Anna Lange.

Maddie Freeman- I will leave my throwing shoes to Maddie Adkins.

Terrell Hunt- I will leave my track skills to Sydney.

Jorden Holshue- I will leave my wittiness to my brother, Samuel.

Julia Grimes- I will leave my drumsticks to whatever drumline member wins the great drummer.

Randy Felton- I will leave my mindset to Danny.

Sean Preston- I will leave my skillful skills on the field.

Bergen Weyand- I will leave my sneaky to Adam Spencer.

Trevor Johnson- I will leave blindness to Maddie Buchanan.

Colby Baker- I will leave my skill of percussion to Lucas Baker.

Thomas Bleakney- I will leave the song of crazy rap to Hinchy.

Lindsi Welsh- I will leave my Spanish name to my brother.

Claire Wycoff- I will leave my intelligence to Miss Emmerling.

Hailee Carpenter- I will leave my leadership and best hair to Maddie Liberati.

Karsyn Faulk- I will leave my pom poms to Adyson Andric.

Brice Blackburn- I will leave my friendly ego to Tyler Toot.

Marisa Spooner- I will leave my running shoes to Meg Chludzinski.

Natalie Ammon- I will leave my pom poms and loud mouth to Lexie Gentry.

Madison Ketchum- I will leave my baton to Emma Lockhart.

Cadee Johnson- I will leave my ditziness to Ariel Davidson.

Autumn Oehlstrom- I will leave my softball home runs to Mckenna Dailey.

Miranda Wood- I will leave my sassy attitude to Kyle Rohm.

Logan Foley- I will leave my “great luck” to Coltan.

Derrick Esarey- I will leave my football skills to Brayden Joy.

Devin Palm- I will leave the low brass section to Joey “Bari” Diludavico.

Joshua Entrikin- I will leave my sarcasm to Ryan Reckner.

Kyle Claypool- I will leave nothing to no one.

Katie Haifley- I will leave my basketball shoes to my sister.

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