Softball Update


The softball team is currently 17-1 overall and 10-0 in the E.O.A.C. From last season to now, what changed? The thing is, the Lisbon girls’ softball is flat out talented. Seniors Autumn Oehlstrom and Kenedy Vrable have took over the team to show the younger players how it is done. Kenedy’s younger sister, Justyce Vrable, has showed what she has learned, along with Makenna Dailey. Justyce and Makenna have blown up the plate by blasting homeruns each game like it’s nothing. Justyce had four homeruns in one game, reminder, she is only a freshman.

The team’s offense and defense are awesome; they have several hits along with several key catches and big time plays in the field. Their coach, David Crismon, has made a major impact as well. He’s a coach that is not happy with losing. He wants a winning tradition and wants the girls to have fun while doing it.

The girls have won league and also got a spot as the first seed in the tournament bracket. The softball team is looking to get back where they were three years ago and play at regionals. Kenedy Vrable says, “Our strategy is to take one game at a time.” The tournament will start on May 8 and they will play against the winner of Southern vs Liberty at home. Some of their goals have been met, but the team is still striving for more to be accomplished.