A White Tie Affair – Prom 2019


This year’s David Anderson High School prom was on May 3, 2019 and was held at Boneshakers at Timberlanes Complex in Salem. The theme of the dance was “White Tie Affair,” and it was ran by Tiffany Toot. The gymnasium was decorated very well to fit the theme for Parade of Fashions. After everyone and their dates were announced, this year’s king and queen, Nick Mundy and Lexie Gentry, were crowned.

The students soon arrived at Boneshakers where they ate dinner and danced all night listening to DJ Pullie.  The dance ended at 11:30 pm and everyone headed over to the Salem Community Center for after prom. At the Community Center, the pools and hot tub were open, the school had hired a hypnotist to come perform, and they had rented inflatables for the kids. The chaperones ordered Taco Bell as a snack throughout the long night.

Even though it was a tiring night, I am sure everyone had fun with all their friends at prom. It was definitely a night to remember and we are all looking forward to next year.