Lisbon Wrestling Team Finishes Strong


This year Lisbon brought a new sport in to town for the kids to join. Adam Newbold, the owner of ATG in Lisbon, decided to start a wrestling club. The program was accepted into Lisbon this year and is now a school sport. Their first season just ended and it was actually very impressive for it being most of the kid’s first time wrestling.

The team members include Cody Rose, Blake Donaldson, Aaron Dotson, Aiden Corda, John Badger, Reese Frantz, Matthew Dillon, Dominic Haines and Keegan Mahafkey. They are coached by Michael Berg and Adam Newbold. Considering the team is young and only consists of mostly freshman and sophomores, they did great. They only had one senior, Cody Rose and he says, “For a first year team, we did far better than expected. I was extremely happy with the season and I wish I still had more years of wrestling.” One of the wrestlers went on to districts in his first ever year of wrestling. Blake Donaldson moved on to districts and had a great season this year. He said, “For my first year I was thrilled to make it to districts, last year at this time I would’ve never seen myself where I am today. We had a great season and hopefully more to come.” Congratulations to Blake and the wrestling team this year on a great season!