STEM Robotics Competition

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The 2019 Vex Robotics Competition for STEM involved 19 teams from around Columbiana County and was hosted at Crestview High School. Lisbon had two teams in the competition. The two teams were made up of seven students out of the twelve that were involved with the robots. Team 1 consisted of the following people, Bobby Harris, Kiana Howe and Phoenix Stephens. Team 2 was made up of Makenna Swanson, Anna Lange, Jorden Holshue, and Randy Felton.

Out of the 19 teams, Lisbon’s first team of Bobby Haris, Kiana Howe and Phoenix Stephens came in second place. In both years the robotic team has competed, they have placed second. There were five students that were advisors for the teams, and those students were Garrett Cox, Seth Donaldson, Haley Toot, Kyle Claypool and Will Woods.

The person in charge of Lisbon’s robotics teams is James Watt. Over the last two years he has had three teams compete in the robotics tournament, two of which have come in second place. This year’s robotic teams received a kit of 15 thousand pieces to build their robots. The teams had to build and then code the robots. Lisbon students are new to the coding of robots.

Mr. Watt brought in Mr. Jeff Gill to teach them how to code and run the robots. Mr. Gill is from CCESC and is very skilled in teaching the students how to code. The hardest part of the coding was autonomous. Autonomous is a type of code that will make the robot move without being manually controlled. The teams spent the entire second nine weeks working on the robot and coding it. Congratulations to all the students involved in the competition.