Boys Basketball Update


During basketball season you learn how to play the game. It is not only about basketball, it is about gaining new friends and strengthening bonds with people you might have thought you would have never met. On and off the court the team members support each other like a family/brotherhood. They work together when times are tough. When you are in a deep valley or a lot of adversity, you have to find a way out of it. Through all the sweat, hard work, and determination, the Lisbon Boys Basketball team never gives up. The players help to teach and encourage others to get better each and every day. Our Lisbon David Anderson High School basketball team will always stick together as a unit.

The boys have recently had a battle with Columbiana. Senior Justin Sweeney said, “It’s always good to play against Columbiana. We have won 16 games in a row against them and you can’t beat that. When you’re playing against your old coach, who is now the head coach at Columbiana, it means you got to get the win, which we did.”  Senior Night is a big night for all the players. Senior players Justin Sweeney, Logan Bell, Brice Blackburn, Bergen Weyand, and Randy Felton all say it is going to be a very emotional night. They realize that this is their last year playing for the school they grew up attending. They have a couple games before Senior Night and they say they are taking each game one at a time.

Earlier this season the boys were expected to do well due to having excellent speed and athleticism. Currently 6-8, this season is not exactly how they expected it to go. Starting off the season, they won a couple games and then started to lose a couple. Senior Logan Bell says, “We still have time to turn it around. No matter the wins and losses, we still have a couple games left and we have to make them count.  We have a lot of potential moving forward. “