Ender’s Game – Book Review


The book, Ender’s Game, is a science fiction novel that was first published in 1985. The story is set sometime in the near future. Earth is attacked by aliens called “Formics”, nicknamed “Buggers”, due to their insect-like qualities. The humans fight off the first wave, and are waiting for the second one. Ender Wiggin is an abnormally intelligent six-year-old boy who is selected for military training by the International fleet, in order to become the strategist who will one day destroy the Buggers and save earth.

Ender is sent to the Battle School, a space station built for training the world’s most intelligent children, where he uses his brilliant strategic skills to win battles with other children like him. He is faced with challenges created by the other kids, the manipulation of the commanders in charge of the school, and the stress of being away from home. He is tasked with playing war games and simulations that have impacts on the real world.

The book is very gripping, and is easy to follow. It gives a view into the kind of technology that will evolve out of what we have currently. It’s an amazing story, and is good for newcomers to science fiction.