Aquaman – Movie Review


Aquaman is a new super hero movie which was released on December 21, 2018. Jason Momoa, an American actor, writer, film producer, director and model portrayed Aquaman. He has portrayed Aquaman in three films.

The movie starts out with a man finding a woman on the ocean bay. They later fall in love and have a child called Aquaman. He is a hybrid between the ocean and land. He and his younger half-brother own Atlantis. Aquaman is the true heir to Atlantis, but he does not want to be the king. His half-brother, Orm, is planning to win over the ocean cities and then start taking over surface. Aquaman is in the way of Orm’s plans. Vulko, a royal counselor, helps Aquaman retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan to follow through with his true destiny.

Aquaman is a very good movie. It is a good action story, where the brothers fight for the throne. Aquaman played a good ruler, who is trying to save people and beat the bad guys. When he finds his mother at the end, there is a big twist and it is a great way to have them be a family again. I recommend this movie if you are into action movies. It has a great story behind it.