Boys Basketball Team


The Lisbon Boys Basketball team has to face a lot of competition and adversity this year, but that is not stopping them. This season they are expected to do well due to having excellent speed and athleticism. They are outstanding when they come ready to play. It’s about starting the game off and running early, instead of late. The team is motivated by working hard in practice and competing against each other to learn new strategies and to make their game better. They are dedicated to the game of basketball and want to make the most out of it. Strengths in the team are their athleticism, shooting all around and experience. Weaknesses are there are a lot of underclassmen getting an opportunity to play. They are working on finding a way to overcome that by playing physical.

Lisbon David Anderson’s Varsity Basketball team is Division IV and are expecting a competitive season. There are five seniors; Justin Sweeney, Logan Bell, Brice Blackburn, Bergen Weyand, and Randy Felton. There are four returning letterman this year; Justin Sweeney, Brice Blackburn, Logan Bell and Ryan McCullough. New members on the varsity squad are Adam Spencer, Nick Mundy, Michael Davis, Joey Fisher, Blayne Brownfield, Kaiden Crawford, and Bergen Weyand.

Basketball is a sport that teaches you about playing for your teammates, not yourself. It’s all about giving all you got before it ends. One day you could be lights out and a scoring machine. Then the next game you could get hurt, be out, have a bad shooting night, just anything. While you are given the opportunity to play the game of basketball, enjoy it and make every second count. The seniors have shown this and compared to their freshmen year, they have grown physically and become smarter players but it’s coming close to the end. The players realize to win you have to put in the time and effort every day, on and off the court, and that’s what the Lisbon Boys Basketball team is looking to do.