Junior High Boys Basketball Team

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The junior high boys’ basketball team has been working hard in practice to make themselves better. The 7th grade team last year did not have the season they wanted to, but they are working to improve now as 8th graders. The kids that came up from 6th grade are also looking good as they started out their season with a win. The 8th graders did not come out with a win and start out the season 0-1.

The 7th grade team is looking good and consist of eight young athletes. The team is very excited to start out the season with a win and so are the coaches. The 7th graders include Trevor Siefke, Tate Wallen, Austin Dailey, Hunter Dailey, Ryan Carpenter, Logan Stauffer, Alex Schreffler, Landon Mowry and Coach Avery Andric. They all are great team players and anticipate a great season to come.

The 8th grade boys’ basketball team only has five players, which is hard enough on them as it is. They started out with a tough loss against United Local. The boys are looking to improve their record and brush off the adversity. Only having five players is very tough and does not allow any breaks. The team consists of Vinnie Iler, Colin Wells, Aiden Dale, Haiden Colvin, James Walters and Coach Doug Andric.