6th Graders Wish List


Everyone has Christmas wishes. This year we asked the 6th grade students to each write down one thing they wanted to receive. Many students asked for well wishes for others rather than gifts for themselves which was very heartfelt.

Zach Brown: 2k19

Luke Kraft: Shrek Stuffed Animal

Raylynn Ensell: Unicorn

Abby Beil: Harry Potter Legos

Ethan Bailey: A donation to families who can’t afford food.

Mickah Pierson: A Puppy

Deven Fox: An Xbox One S

Kaitlyn Gushert: Books to Read

Avery Thorn: Hoodies, lots of hoodies

Miles Davis: My grandpa to win the lottery

Gretchen Miller: Books

Kolt Cappitti: Trampoline Park

Dale Leyman: COD BO4

Julia Long: Good health for family

Alissa Greathouse: A copy of “The War Between”

Marcus Timmons: Fallout 76 PS4

Alex Brandon: I wish the fire victims in California have a very nice Christmas

Marshall Hall: End world hunger

Richard Schwab: Money

Gavin Vitullo: Xbox games

Nathan Cramer: Nintendo Switch

Lucas Baker: Gaming headset

Caleb Oiler: Gaming headset

Jacob Poynter: Xbox One

William Lawther: Nintendo Switch

Kierstine Gilbert: To get a new dog

Isabella Lannon: To go to Hollywood

Sage Hallock: Everybody to have presents

Bailon Jones: For my brother to come home for Christmas

Alyssa Brown: To see my sisters for Christmas

Gavin Burris: A dog

Rylie Frantz: To go to Florida to see my aunt

Damion Schreffler: Remote control car

Zoee Savage: A kitten

Michael Gough: Remote control car

Ayana Douglas: More safety

Alex Brown: Happiness

Cheyanne Nez: See my dad

Xander Sutton: For others to have happiness

Michaela Farson: World peace

Ian Duffy: To be happy

Marah Householder: Hope that my grandpa is doing okay up in heaven

Kylynn McVay: Xbox One

Nathan Brendlinger: PS4

Austin Davis: Video games

Aubriana Helman: New headphones

Richard Bickel: Headphones

Sarah Talbott: To go see my dad

Izzie Cornwell: Air pods

Jaelin field: $30 visa gift card

Chris Oiler: New phone

Lauren Steed: Air pods

Hailey Curfman: Have my own restaurant