Revival and Kamikaze – Music Review


Since Eminem went “off the radar” he had not produced very many songs. He went very quiet to stay away from media drama and to avoid conflicts. Eminem has always been a very successful rapper and artist. He became one of the first “white rappers” to join the industry and he took off from there. His music is very catchy and always has good rhythm. He makes his own beats and lyrics to his music and is not afraid to let people know.

Eminem recently dropped two albums, Revival and Kamikaze. Most people thought Revival was a flop. The album actually made it on the billboard 200. It had 266,520 sales in the first week and 82,465,294 streams, putting it at #1. Slim Shady’s next album, Kamikaze showed up on Hot 100s top 10 and was a hit from the time it dropped. Kamikaze moved 434,000 equivalent album units in its first week and blew away Eminem’s last album. It had 225.5 million streams. Eminem’s success has increased through the years and his popularity definitely increased with his diss track beef between him and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) called “Kill Shot.”