Youth Leadership Summit


The Columbiana County Youth Leadership Summit was held at the Kent State University campus in Salem, Ohio on Friday, October, 19 2018. The summit is for 8th and 9th grade students who want to help out in their communities.

The summit was a full day event that included different activities such as guest speakers, leadership activities, and a volunteer fair. The students started the day by filling out a guide to student services in the student lounge.  Students then went to the lecture hall where they listened to a keynote speaker, Flo Brett from the Leadership Academy and Anna Marie Vaughn who is the Superintendent of the Columbiana County Educational Service Center.  These speakers talked about leadership qualities and how at one moment in your life you could have a strong impact on someone else’s life without you even knowing it.

Students then broke into two sessions which were called “Effective Leadership Academy” and “The Bright Side Project.”  Students worked on various activities in these sessions. Finally, the students attended a Volunteer Agency Fair in the student lounge.  Students were able to collect many resources and contacts that could help with their community service projects.

The students that attended the summit were 8th graders William Timmons, Kadynce Gordon, Paige Wright, Madelyn Lowther, Zachary Haines, Elizabeth Mckinnon, Adyson Andric, Brynn Buckley, and Sophia Buchanan.