Football Spirit Week


At our school, events are taken very seriously, such as spirit weeks. Many of the staff and students participate. This year’s spirit week is a school week long, where our school is assigning four spirited days to be able to dress up and show school spirit. These spirit weeks lead up to a special event, such as homecoming.

The Thursday of Spirit Week, since we do not have school Friday, we will have a pep rally to honor the most spirited student of the week and the girls who got voted for the homecoming court.

The themes for spirit week can get crazy and fun.

This year’s themes are as follows:

Monday October 1st→ Pajama day, wear your coziest PJs!

Tuesday October 2nd→ Twin day, look identical with your bff!

Wednesday October 3rd→ Class day, represent your class by your designated colors!

  • 6th grade: White
  • 7th grade: Blue
  • 8th grade: Black
  • Freshman: Grey
  • Sophomore: White
  • Juniors: Blue
  • Seniors: Black

Thursday October 4th→ Extreme blue and white, represent our school colors!