Lisbon Golf Team


The Lisbon golf team is having what is considered to be a successful season. They finished top 5 at the Mineral Ridge invitational and they finished third in the EOAC tournament on September 13, 2018. Austin Craig, Blayne Brownfield and Josh Entrikin are considered to be their top golfers this year. Austin Craig is averaging a 43.8 on 9 holes, Blayne a 44.2 and Josh a 47.3. All of these golfers have shot a 40 at one point this season, which is a very good score.

The head coach for the team is Ryan Snyder. This is his first year coaching and he’s doing a great job. The roster this year only has one senior, so it is still a very young team with much potential in the future. The team members are senior Josh Entrikin, juniors Austin Craig, Jeremy Bricker and Michael Miller. Sophomores Blayne Brownfield and Kyle Rohm and freshmen Anna Marshalek, Bobby Harris, Brayden Flory and Joey Dilodovico.