Junior High Football


The Junior High football team is a multi-talented group of young men. So far they have a record of 0-3, but are looking to improve every single day to get back on track to where they want to be. With all the blood, sweat, and tears they have had through the summer, they are ready for more battles moving forward. They have put the last 3 games behind them and they are ready to be a part of something bigger than themselves. That’s why they love to play the game of football.

Their team captains vary between each game. Their top 5 players are Ryan Carpenter, who is a powerhouse, is running the ball and being a linebacker on defense with multiple tackles, Tyler Palmer, who plays smart coming off the line, Haiden Colvin, who is a great safety on defense along with running the ball, Zach Dillon, who gives it his all every single day and Matt Davis, who is the main guy in control of the ball on offense.

They have not won a game yet this season, but Coach Crismon knows they have a lot of potential. Going into every game he said, “I expect my team to play hard, play smart, and most of all play together.” His main goal for this year is to get his team to learn discipline and fundamentals. From last year running the triple option, to this year running the spread, is a big change. These young men are going to play their hearts out every day to succeed and always come home with a win. They travel to Southern Local in their next game and they are determined to work hard and prove themselves. They are tough, strong, and are a well-rounded team with great coaches to guide them in the right direction.