Welcome to our Foreign Exchange Student


Kristina’s Grietena is a 17 year old foreign exchange student from Latina, Russia. She is a junior at DAHS and arrived on August 7th. Kristina likes our school and how all of the students and teachers are so supportive. Kristina’s school in Latvia is called Saldus High School.

There are similarities and differences about both countries. One of the similarities are the foods. Ohio has the same weather as Latvia. One of the things that is different are people in Ohio are more open and accepting to diversity than people in Latvia, which are more closed off. She also thinks that we have different traditions than people in her country.

Kristiana played volleyball for about a year and a half. In Latina, she played outside of school, but at Lisbon she started playing in school. At Kristina’s school in Russia grading has a different system. At her school, they cannot choose their subjects and all of their classes are mandatory. Kristina really loves how this year is going and is enjoying the DAHS experience.