Varsity Football


The varsity football team has begun the season 2-2 with wins against Malvern and Mineral Ridge. Their losses are to Valley Christian and Wellsville. One very cool moment of week one was when the team got their new head coach, Alan Mikovich, his first win. The seniors do not plan on losing the rest of the year. The seniors this year are Logan Bell, Justin Sweeney, Seth Donaldson, Brice Blackburn, Garrett Cox, Noah Yenges, Sean Preston, Derrick Esaray, Michael Stover, Trevor Johnson, and Terrell Hunt. The team’s captains are Justin Sweeney, Logan Bell, and Brice Blackburn.

The team as a whole is very successful but losing one of the most important pieces of the team in Justin Sweeney has caused many others to step up. The Blue Devils have had Chase McCoy, Brice Blackburn, and Ryan McCullough to step up in the backfield. All three of these players have scored touchdowns to fill in for Justin. The line has been the best part of the team so far this season. They have been working hard and blocking well. The Blue Devil defense is very young with three sophomores starting in the secondary and Joey Fisher, who was previously a golfer, playing at one of the cornerback positions. Seth Donaldson, a senior linemen said, “Once we get everyone back from injuries and build our team back together, we will be a pretty good team.” Justin Sweeney, a senior captain for the Blue Devils, said, “I hate being injured because I would so much rather be out there on the field with my brothers.”

Coach Mikovich has been a great addition to the coaching staff and he has brought many coaches along with him, including four coaches who have been at Lisbon before Coach Mikovich; Charles Bell, Rich Joy, Dave Rankin, and Danny Donohue. The four coaches that Coach Mikovich brought in are Jeff Gessler, Bob Gessler, Jordan Wrask, and Ron Busby. All four coaches have been a great addition to the football team, not only helping the men on the field but helping them become men off the field.

The Lisbon community continues to show the love for their hometown team on and off the field.