Space Travel


One of the most interesting ideas is space travel. Ever since space travel was even slightly possible, people have always wanted to go on space voyages. You can see this in a lot of pop culture, like the entertainment business people have always attempted to get lost in an imaginary world, where we could travel from planet to planet. You can see this in the movie industry the most because we have an endless list of space movies.

The problem that we have is that personal space travel is not possible yet. If you want to go to space, you have to go for a specific reason with a company that sends astronauts for research, or to repair equipment. The farthest humans have ever been into space was in 1970 when NASA’s Apollo 13 swung around the other side of the moon. They were 248,655 miles away from earth.

That was 48 years, ago and we have not gone any farther, although there is hope of one day making it to mars for some vacation time. There is talk from big named people like Elon Musk, whose plans to send a crew of 17 to make it as far as possible with the intent to hit mars and come back. So maybe one day planet to planet travel may be a possibility.