Senior Wills


Senior Wills

Macey McGhee – I will my, “I don’t really care” attitude to Reagan Frantz

Annie Coleman – I will my constant frown to Ben Coleman

Alexcia Libert – I will my constant will to be right to Hannah Powers

Eva DeRuyter – I will my peppiness and dancing abilities to Natalie Ammon

Branson Brownfield – I will my athleticism and dunking ability to Kaiden Crawford

Brian Dickson – I will my positive attitude, natural tan, running, breathing capabilities, and looks to Lexie Gentry

Seth Stokes – I will my jumping ability to Nick Mundy

Grant Frederick – I will my dance skills to Bergen

Douglas Minor – I will Hitstick ability to Brice Black Burn

Jonathan Brown – I will my Asian powers to Reagan Emmerling

Shyanne Rendziniak – I will my senioritis to Nik Rife

Sarena Underwood – I will nothing to everyone

Morgan Croyle – I will my cold heart to my sister Emily Armstrong

Mason Rance – My comedy acts to Brice Blackburn

Zander Llewellyn – I will my piece of trash computer to Kaiden Llewellyn

Jack Kerr – I will my locker to whoever gets it next

Maddie Hall – I will my positive attitude to everyone

Lindsey Richards – I will my awful puns to Austin Whitacre

Emily McCoy – I will my bad computer luck to Olivia McCoy

Cameron Summers – I will my football jersey to the Goose

Kaiden Blair – I will my hopes and dreams to Logan Bell

Joey Mayer – I will all of my pain and suffering and struggling thru classes to Garret Cox

Cade Zimmermann – I will my hands to fight club (Zyller Jackson)

Caitlin Parks – I will my books to Katie Chludzinski

Kimmi Wiggers – I will my volleyball skills to Halie Carpenter

Kim Temple – I will my love of dogs to Katie Haifley

Alyssa Philips – I will my exquisite work ethic to Kyleen Culler <3

Michael Simms – I will my throwing skills to Abram Simms

Justin Larkins – I will my unfinished homework to Tanner Crosser

Matthew Hull – I will my distance running ability to Brayden Joy

Jacob Thompson – I will my clout to Terrell

Ashley Barnes – I will my after school naps to Anna Lange

Jacob Mundy – I will my track times to Zane Tullis

Haley Waldeck – I will my love and obsessive sessions to Aeryn

Sam Tinsley – I will my pitching skills to Emma Thompson

Kimberly Simpach – I leave my fame to Karsyn Faulk <3

Mackenzie Sturgeon – I will my perfection to everyone <3

Megan Graham – I will a plastic spoon to Trevor Johnson

Nick Angle – I will my horrible puns to nobody because nobody needs that

Seth Phelps – I will my awesome taste in music to everyone

Jenna Frenzel – I will all of my lost pencils to anybody

Rebecca Kristy – I will my voice to nobody

Natalie Spencer – I will my cheer bag to Anna Marshalek

Lauryn Todd – I will my dinner bench seat in band to Ellie Emmerling

Samantha Shasteen – I will Thomas my extreme humor

McGwire Groubert – I will my tuba mouth piece to whoever is the next tuba player

Chandler Harris – I will my sass to Abby Endrizzi

Jeremy Byers – I will my will to live and love to Kyleen