Students Ready for Summer


This summer for the students is a well-earned one. The cold weather throughout April with sporadic heat spells makes everyone even more excited for summer to be here. On top of that, a school trip to California in June is getting some students even more pumped, who will spend about a week enjoying the sun on the West Coast with fellow classmates and friends.

Excluding this trip, students are gearing up for summer by making plans to go to the now open Dairy Queen in Lisbon or buying new swimsuits to wear to the Lisbon pool that will open after Memorial Day. These two places will give local students plenty of things to do out in the sun once the weather warms up and is more suitable for long days spent outside.

Outside of these attractions students will finally be able to have bonfires nightly and stay up late, making the school year fade away from thoughts as they enjoy family and friend time all day, every day. There is less than a month left and almost every student has a countdown going, whether on calendars or in their heads.