KOD Album – Music Review


Through the years of listening to J. Cole’s albums they keep getting better and better, from “2014 Forest Hills Drive” to his most recent album “KOD” aka Kids On Drugs, aka King Overdose, aka Kill Our Demons. The funny thing is that this album does not support drug use or anything to do with drugs. The messages in his songs are very powerful if you listen to the words or look up the lyrics, the message is clear.

The album “KOD” is about how people should abstain from drugs, drinking, and online dating. You are probably thinking he is a rapper that has mostly done those things. Well, he has seen the side of those acts that are horrifying. When you listen to his music you don’t listen to his beats or his rhyming. You listen to his stories or his wisdom that he is trying to give to the audience. J. Cole aka Jermaine Lamarr Cole is very self-righteous.

The album, “4 Your Eyez Only,” is about his friend that dies and how his daughter was going to have to grow up without a dad. Another song, “FRIENDS,” is where he confesses his dependence on weed before calling out specific friends who abuse drugs, and asking them to stop. He mostly ditches his sanctimony. He uses his stories to try to help others from doing these things. He is trying to help the youth of our country, which is his targeted audience.