Grading System in the U.S.


Our entire school system across the country is based on a letter grading system. Education in the United States is a very complex and important aspect in our society but yet we judge our students intellectual abilities on a simple 5 letter grading scale. A student’s whole high school career is judged off of the letter grades that they have achieved. Those letters are also what determines things such as scholarships and college acceptance. Grades may cause a lot of stress on students as they oversimplify what students are capable of learning and doing. Those with bad grades may be stigmatized and it discourages students from getting help. The students should focus on learning and growing as a student and not only on a grade. However the modern day grading system has been engraved in our society since the 1940’s and is very unlikely to be abolished anytime soon. Students are given grades throughout most of their lives. Today if you want to get a decent job, employers heavily rely on your GPA to screen applicants. So grades have just become the standard in our educational system. However, the alternatives to grades are yet to be known or tested, we do know that our grading system causes much unneeded stress on students and is counterproductive to educating our students.