Physics Olympics Team Takes 2nd Place at Y.S.U.


The Lisbon Physics Olympics Team came in 2nd place in the overall competition at the Y.S.U. Physics Olympics on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Lisbon has been competing in Physics Olympics for thirty-six years. Physics Olympics is a competition open to area high school physics students. There are twelve events, some where students build a device like a bridge, rubber band powered airplane and some where they take a quiz on physics related questions. The team members this year are Jonathan Brown, Branson Brownfield, Alyssa Chestnut, Hannah Deland, Eva DeRuyter, BJ Dickson, Megan Graham, Matthew Hull, Erika McCoy, Jacob Mundy, Caitlin Parks, Sarah Perry, Michael Simms, Kimberly Simpach, Natalie Spencer, MacKenzie Sturgeon, Sam Tinsley, Lauryn Todd, Sarena Underwood, and Kimmi Wiggers.

Members that were high scoring in their individual events were 2nd Place Flying Machine; Brian Dickson and Jacob Mundy, 2nd Place Faraday Electromagnet; Branson Brownfield and Eva DeRuyter, 2nd Place Balsa Wood Bridge; Kimberly Simpach, 1st Place Fermi Quiz; Jonathan Brown, Branson Brownfield, Matthew Hull, 3rd Place Ping Pong Launch; Mathew Hull, Michael Simms, Sarena Underwood, 3rd Place Hot Water Maker; Alyssa Chestnut, Kimmi Wiggers, and 2nd Place Music Making; Lauryn Todd, Mackenzie Sturgeon and Sarah Perry. Congratulations to all the members.