Should teachers be able to carry guns?


Should teachers be allowed to carry guns? Many people have their own opinions on this issue. On, a website that debates various topics, 54% of people voted yes and 46% of people voted no. So it is a fairly even split on whether or not people think teachers should be able to carry guns.

I think teachers should have guns because there are too many school shootings that leave kids dead or hurt. This is not right, it’s awful. I think at least one staff member of a school should have accessibility to a firearm. There have been 123 school shootings. Most of these school shootings only lasted 12.5 minutes or less. It takes police approximately 18 minutes to arrive on the scene. In recent shootings, the shooter was active for five to six minutes when no one was armed at the scene. If someone is armed on the premises, the shooting last for about one minute.

Someone with the accessibility of a firearm only has a certain amount of time to try and help the victims, depending on where in the school the shooting takes place and where the teacher is located. Since it could take a while for the officers to reach the site, the teacher might be the only one able to stop the shooter. For instance in the Parkland, Florida shooting that happened a few of months ago, emergency workers had no idea where the shooter was and it took about 30 minutes after the gunfire and an extra 15 minutes to identify the suspect. That is a lot of time for the shooter to do more damage. Usually if a school shooting happens, the gunman ends up killing himself. In the recent Florida shooting, the shooter did not kill himself but he just fled the scene.