Students Juggle Work and School


DAHS is like any other high school who has students who are of age to work a part time job. It can be difficult to balance their schedules to get their school work done and get the right amount of sleep, while managing working and attending school.

Annie Coleman is 17, and is currently employed at The Lemon Tree & Things, in Lisbon.  Annie has worked there since August of 2017. Her wage is roughly $8.30 per hour. She likes her job but says it’s not really busy, which makes it boring, but her fellow employees are nice. Her position there is cashier. Annie says she usually works four or more days a week and works about 18 hours in two weeks. She says that work can affect her school work because when she has work and is tired, she blows off her homework and just goes to bed. She says that maybe if she was better organized she would be able to balance work and school together.

Jonathan Brown is 18, and is currently employed at Subway, in Lisbon. Jonathan has been working there for a year now. He’s wage is $8.35 an hour. He likes his job and says it’s a good first job. Jonathan’s position there is “Sandwich Artist. “ Jonathan works 20 hours a week. He manages going to school and getting enough sleep. He says it’s easy to balance work with school. Jonathan says he’d encourage others to get a job because it’s good to have a job. He says it’s worth it because you’ll like the money outcome. Jonathan says even when it’s hard to focus on schoo,l he stills shows up and tries to catch up.