Seth Stokes Wins Indoor State High Jump


Seth Stokes participated in the indoor track and field state meet for high jump on March 3rd at Spire Institute in Geneva. He started his day out by waking up early and meeting Coach Tsilimos at school to go on their way to Geneva. The Institute was filled to the max as watchers and athletes gathered alike for the prestigious activity. Nervousness and excitement filled him as he looked on and waited for his turn.

Finally jumping, Seth came in at 6 foot and missed twice, clearing it the third. However, the competition did not end there. It continued and ended with a jump off taking over two and a half hours with eighteen jump. His winning jump, however, was a height of 6 foot 6 inches. It took a lot, but Seth came out as number one, a state champion.

Following his win, Seth thanks his friends and family along with David Anderson High School for supporting him throughout his journey and for giving him the tools to win.