Justin Sweeney Reaches 1000 Points


Justin Sweeney shot his 1000 point as a Blue Devil on February 9th, 2018 at home against Mineral Ridge. Justin achieved his 1000 point goal as a junior in high school. He went into the game very nervous and excited. Justin had missed most of his shots during the first half of the game. Going into the game, he needed just 24 points to reach 1000 points. At the end of the game Justin had scored 38 points. He is the second player in Lisbon History to ever achieve this goal as a junior.

Sweeney has always loved basketball. Jamie Entrikin, Justin’s coach from second grade until eighth grade, has been a huge role model. Sweeney really looks up to him. Justin has had a very successful season, including breaking several records. He broke the record (52) of the most threes in a season with 64 and the record (174) for the most shots ever in a season with 215. Sweeney also broke the record (481) for scoring the most points in a season with 609 points. Justin averaged 25.3 points a game and led the team with the most assists and steals. Sweeney also was named 1st team EOAC player, 1st team all-county player, 1st team NE district, and player of the year. Justin received the award for being the 2017-2018 2nd team all-state Division IV All Ohio in high school boy’s basketball.

Justin plans to keep achieving his goals and breaking records throughout his senior year and to continue his basketball career after high school in college.