Spelling Bee


This year’s 2018 Spelling Bee was held on February 9th in the auditorium. There were a total of 40 participants, all ranging from grade 5th-8th. The Spelling Bee lasted a total of 18 rounds until there was a winner in a one word round.

In a one word round the speller is given a word and if they spell it correctly then they win and if they spell it incorrectly they are given another word and the Bee continues.

By the 4th round there were 5 spellers left. To move on to the County Spelling Bee, Lisbon has to send three representative and an alternate. By the 5th round there were two students left. The three students that got out in the 4th round went back up after the winner was determined and they spelled until they had a 3rd place winner and an alternate.

The 2018 Spelling Bee Champion was McKenna Dailey, 2nd place Kara Diludivico, 3rd place Katie Hawthorne and the alternate Bobby Harris. Lisbon will be hosting the County Spelling Bee on March 7th where the three winners will be competing.