Knitting – Newest Craze


Knitting is said to be originated in 1527. It is commonly believed that knitting started in the Middle East, where it spread to Europe via the Mediterranean trading routes. Through European colonization, knitting then spread to America. Knitting is also said to be a way to get students to improve their skills in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Knitting has become a big part of David Anderson Jr. Sr. High School.

Chemistry and Physics teacher, Mrs. McCullough, started a Knitting Club for high school students in 2016. The amount of students who have attended the club has gradually increased over the past couple of years. In December of 2017, Mrs. McCullough posted a donation fund on the website DonorsChoose to try and raise money for yarn and needles. Mrs. McCullough received a message from a lady a few weeks later stating she knew someone who needed to get rid of a large amount of yarn. The yarn we have received from this lady has a value of approximately $5,600.

It is currently 2018, the Knitting Club has about 60 students who attend. The club is for beginners, who want to learn to knit, up to experts for high school students. The most popular items that have been knit are hats, scarves, mittens, headbands, boot toppers, Christmas wreaths, and bells.

The Knitting Club offers everything for free; the needles, the yarn, and the learning! Knitting is also a wonderful way to relax or focus. If you have any questions about this club or are thinking about joining please contact Mrs. McCullough at [email protected].