Shyanne Rendziniak – Career Choice


Deciding what I wanted to do after high school took a lot of thinking. I went on college tours and picked a couple majors to visit that would help me decide. In early November 2017, I made the decision to go into sonography. Sonography is the analysis of sound using an instrument that produces a graphical representation of its component frequencies. In other words, I will take ultrasounds. The final goal is to work at a doctor’s office and take ultrasounds of pregnant women’s babies. An Ultrasound Technician can make up to about $65,000 a year.

I am choosing the Kent State Salem Campus to attend in fall 2018 to start studying the Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree. I will also be studying with people who want to study Radiologic Technology, which includes x-rays and other types of radiation treatments. The tuition for each year at Kent Salem is $5,664. I am saving a lot of money and helping myself in the long run by choosing this path for myself, and I look forward to the next chapter of my life.