Seth Stokes – Indoor Track


I recently started my first experience of indoor track this season. The reason I participated in indoor track this year was to get ready for both my outdoor season and my freshman year of college. All the indoor meets are at YSU, which is where I will attend in the fall. This gives me an advantage by helping me get used to my indoor track for the next four years.

Indoor track is open to anyone who wants to participate. It is ten dollars per event per person, team costs vary. You can either sign up with your team or go unattached by yourself. For a uniform you can either wear your normal track uniform or wear whatever you want. To qualify for indoor state you have to make either the height, distance or time.

This indoor track season has been successful for the most part. I won the first meet with a jump of 6’6”, which also punched my ticket to indoor state in February. Each meet is two weeks apart, which helps me because I can take how I did in my meet and fix what I did wrong. The next meet I also won with a jump of 6’6”, slightly missing 6’8.25” for the indoor record. I have started training and preparing for indoor state and am hoping to win.