2018 Basketball Homecoming Queen


Madison Hall was crowned our 2018 Basketball Homecoming Queen and here are her thoughts on her experience….

Mr. Edinfield came to lunch to tell me that I made the homecoming court for basketball. I was so shocked, but I was really excited. It was always my dream to be on court. When I got home from school I called a lot of my friends and family and told them I was on court.

I knew that I had a lot to do to get ready. After my dress fitting for my homecoming dress, my mom and I went dress shopping for my court dresses. I tried on about 20-25 dresses and I picked out three, one for pictures, one for the pep rally, and one for the basketball game. I also got a new pair of shoes. We were shopping for a while, but it was worth it because I loved my dresses and shoes.

Thursday I had to get up early to straighten my hair because it was picture day for homecoming court. It was also the day I found out who my escort was. I was really happy that Grant was escorting me, he is so nice and funny. I also found out that Natalie was giving me my crown and flowers.

Friday it was the day of the homecoming pep rally. I got up really early to straighten my hair for the pep rally. The whole day during school I was really nervous but Grant helped me not be so nervous. I was so nervous to go out for the pep rally, but once I walked out and saw my mom watching me all my nerves went away. After the pep rally I had to give my crown back for Tuesday.

Over the weekend I was nervous about Tuesday, but I was also excited. I didn’t really sleep too much because I was nervous for Tuesday. It felt like it was taking forever for Tuesday to come but then it finally came. When I got home from school that day I started to get ready for the homecoming game. We had to be at the school early, my stomach had butterflies and my hands were shaking. We took lots of pictures. When we lined up I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but Grant told me that we got this.

When they announced Eva’s name I knew I was next. I took Grant’s arm and we went out. I could hear them say my name and everyone cheering. I started to smile. Once all the court was introduced, we waited to hear who won. When they announced my name I couldn’t believe it. I was really shocked and almost started crying, but I told myself I couldn’t. Everything happened so fast, Alexa gave me my crown and flowers and everyone kept coming over and giving me hugs and telling me congratulations. After I was crowned I got pictures with my friends and family then I watched the basketball game. When we got home from the game I put my crown in a place where I could look at it, even though it wasn’t a dream it sure felt like a dream.

I want to say thank you to Grant for being the best escort and for helping me get through it. I also want to say thank you to Natalie for crowning me and giving me my flowers. But most of all I want to say thank you to the rest of the girls that I was honored to be on court with, it was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it.