Camilla Cabello – Music Review


Camilla Cabello’s debut song did not do too well. Her next song, “Havana”, has been blowing up the charts. The song “Havana” is titled after the Caribbean Island Cuba, the place of Cabello. She shows off her Latin roots in the music video of the song and you can hear the Latin flavors and sounds that increase the heat of the melody.

People seem to enjoy the “Oh nah nah, nah” mixed in with the intensity of that song. The beginning of the song is one dramatic, intense and fiery bop. The reviews and impressions of this song seem to be very positive,e as it sits on the charts in the Top 100’s. The song features Young Thug, a professional rapper. Some critics thought of this as a disappointment, as it shows roots from back in her Fifth Harmony days. The song could have been a hit on its own, without the rapper featured.