Junior High Girls Basketball


The seventh and eighth grade Junior High Girls Basketball teams are coached by Kenadee Pezzano and Tiffany Ketchum. They have had a successful season and a nice win over Southern Local last night. Coach Kenadee says the season is memorable because she has gotten to know each player individually and watch them get to know each other. Also, they have had a successful season. “The girls have improved tremendously from the beginning of the season and they continue to improve each day, which is the biggest success of all,” said Pezzano.

For each game, these girls set individual and team goals for everyone to reach during the game. Also, the most funniest moment the team had was when Lizzy McKinnon shot at the wrong hoop during a game by accident (she did not make the shot). The moment will always be remembered, and will surely be brought up when she is walking on senior night.

The tournament is coming up fast and the girls have a good chance of winning. They are definitely ready for tournament play but the coaches try to get the girls to focus on one game at a time. The only toughteam they have to worry about is Columbiana. They are their only two loses of the season and they are excited to see them a third time. They are the biggest rival they have and will be a big game when they meet them in the tournament.