The Me Too Movement all started more than ten years ago by a black women named Tarana Burke. The 44 year old told Ebony Magazine that she created the campaign as a grass-roots movement to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. The Movement was founded in 2006 to help support black and brown girls in particular. The Me Too Movement has grown since then and includes supporting all people, including women, men, girls and boys.

The 2017’s wave of speaking out against sexual harassment has targeted Hollywood elites, politicians, business leaders and athletes. Famous people such as Harry Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Roger Ailes and many more have been forced to resign or have been let go. Some of these people are facing criminal charges.

The #MeToo movement is sweeping the social media platform across the nation. No one thought those two words could mean so much. The movement has entered the gymnastic world as gymnasts spoke out against being sexually assaulted from a young age until the present time by Larry Nassar, the Olympic gymnast doctor. Alexandar “Aly “Raisman, an Olympic Gold Medalist, is the voice of these athletes, speaking out for herself and others. The abuse first started to Aly and these girls when they were in their mid-teens and lasted for years. Aly hopes to change the gymnastic culture to insure future athletes are safe from such abuse. Nassar was convicted of multiple charges in various courts. His sentences range from 40 years to 175 years. The judge stated, “I just signed your death warrant.”