McGwire Groubert – Wrestling


McGwire Groubert is a senior at DAHS. Outside of school, McGwire wrestles for ATG, a club in Lisbon that teaches self-defense, how to build your body, how to protect others, and how to use a gun safely. ATG is ran and owned by Adam Newbold, who is also McGwire’s coach. ATG just started their wrestling program this year. You have to be at least 5 years old. Also to join, you have to be a member of ATG and have the courage to wrestle. ATG uses the same training principles used by Navy SEALs to create a never quit, unbeatable mental toughness which translates to winning.

McGwire has wrestled before in 5th and 6th grade, but has not wrestled since then. He started up again this year, and goes to ATG twice a week for wrestling and every day to work out. In a few weeks, tournaments will start. McGwire trains hard and hopes to represent Lisbon and go far in tournaments.