Sophie Wells – Gymnastics & Cheer Team


Sophie Wells is a junior at DAHS and is involved in gymnastics. She loves gymnastics because it is fun for her and she makes new friends. Sophie is also on a cheer team where she travels to different places and has competitions. She does gymnastics at Dream Team in Niles and her class is very small.  At gymnastics she has private classes, where she is one on one with her coach. Sophie learns a lot faster and better this way.

Her best experience of doing gymnastics was her cheer competition in Chicago. Sophie works really hard during practice. She practices for 5 hours a week and in the summer she practices 10 hours a week. For the cheer competitions, they perform a routine that includes jumps, tumbling, and stunting. To be on the team, you have to try out and be able to do a back handspring and a dance. Sophie really enjoys cheering/gymnastics in her free time.