New Year’s Resolutions


Every New Year is a fresh start. People try to fix all of their flaws so that they are happier with themselves. To do this people come up with New Year’s resolutions, even though they do not last very long, some people stick to it until the next year and create a new resolution. Now here are a few New Year resolutions from students that go to DAHS.

Brice Blackburn – “Nothing, because I’m perfect.”

Haley Toot – “To be a better person and eat healthier foods.”

Seth Stokes – “Nothing, I like the way I am.”

Maddie Freeman – “To stop procrastinating.”

Claire Wycoff – “To be happy all year round.”

Hailee Carpenter – “To make my grades my top priority and stand out.”

Emme Powell – “To get a new job.”

Sierra Zarnosky – “To get all A’s second semester.”

Autumn Oehlstrom – “To be more enthusiastic towards things.”

Sophie Wells -“To eat healthier.”

Shy Rendziniak – “To focus on finishing school.”

Jonathan Brown – “To get stronger.”

Madie Hall – “To be a better person.”

Morgan Croyle – “To create a budget for my money.”

Annie Coleman – “To run more.”

Chloe Smith – “Get all A’s all year.”

Karsyn Faulk – “To be optimistic.”

Justin Sweeney – “Hit my 1000 points in basketball.”

Randy Felton – “Get a haircut.”

Grant Fredrick – “New Year, new me.”

Dougie Minor – “To get a job.”