Christmas Traditions


As the Christmas holiday is quickly approaching, everyone is starting to think about what they want and will be giving others for Christmas. Many families like to celebrate Christmas traditions, my family being one of them. A lot of people around the world celebrate this holiday in all types of way. I decided to ask my classmates and see what their traditions are.

My classmate, Claire Wycoff, said her traditions are, “…waking up with my siblings and opening gifts at home before getting ready to meet the rest of my family at my grandmother’s for dinner and more gifts.” While many people share the same tradition with a family Christmas at another family member’s house, other classmates’ traditions vary, Hailee Carpenter being one. Hailee’s traditions include, “On Christmas Eve we go to church and we do Christmas activities, after that we go home and we set our cookies and milk for Santa and write him a note. We leave a key out for him and open up the fire place so he can get in. My little brother and I each have a tree in our rooms and we get one present under the tree. In the morning we open that present and then we go down stairs and open our stockings, next we open our presents.”

On Christmas Eve my family goes to my church and we have a Christmas Eve service. After the church service we look at Christmas lights and get snacks. We go home and we each open one gift, and they are always pajamas. We set out cookies and milk and usually write Santa a letter. The next morning we go downstairs and open our stockings until my mom gets out of bed. When she finally gets up, we open gifts and then she makes us breakfast, which is usually cinnamon rolls. Every other Christmas is different, my mom works every other year. The years she does not work, she makes dinner and we all eat as a family. On the years she works, we go to my grandmas and eat dinner with her and my aunts.

Many families have traditions; although every family’s is different. They all know the importance of Christmas and they do not let their traditions get in the way of their beliefs and the true meaning of Christmas.