Junior High Girls Basketball


The girls seventh and eighth grade basketball teams are a very good group of players. The key players for the seventh grade team are Mackenzie Shaffer and Madison Marriner, and the eighth graders are Parker Henthorne, Tabby Ketchum, and Justyce Vrable. Coach Kenadee says that they should be pretty decent if the girls work hard during practice and keep their minds focused. They do many ball handling drills during practice and shooting to help against the zone defenses.

At the end of the season they hope to have improved their ball handling skills and defensive skills. They do many drills during practice to help with these focus points. The eighth grade is very talented and full of athletic players and will make the season enjoyable to watch. There should be more games won this year.

The junior high tournament test the best of the best and who will come out on top. There are many tough teams this year, but our teams have a chance to be number one. Coach Kenadee says they have a high chance of winning their tournament if they keep working hard and keep their focus on winning.