The 4-H Program


What is 4-H? 4-H is a program set up by the U.S. Department of Agriculture which was originally in rural areas to help young people become productive citizens by instructing them in useful skills, as in community service and personal devolvement.

Many people around this area participate in 4-H. The first step in 4-H is to find a club that you can join, most of the time there are clubs already formed and you just need to find one that is in your area and ask to join. There are many activities for the members, including community service and volunteering at different places, such as nursing homes and other places in the community.

The main aspect of 4-H is being able to take your project to the county fair. There are many different projects you can take to the fair, including crafts, photography, different vegetables, and many different animals. The animals, which is the biggest part of 4-H, can be goats, cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and many others. You get to show your animal off and compete to win different prizes and trophies.

I personally competed in 4-H for 8 years, from the time I was 7 years old up until I was 14. The younger members are not allowed to take the “bigger” animals, so they have to take “pocket pets.” These animals vary anywhere from a fish to a guinea pig.  When I was younger, I started out by taking a fish as a pocket pet. Believe it or not, they do make you show the fish and they have a judge pick out the winner. The next animal I took to the fair was a hermit crab, then I moved up to taking rabbits. I had two of them and took them to the fair for four years. At this same time, I started taking market goats as well. Whenever you take a market goat to the fair you have to buy it early in the year, like during March. You have different times before the fair that you have to take the goat and get it weighed and make sure that everything is on track with it. You also have a book for your animal that you have to answer questions and it gets turned in and graded.

Overall I would say that 4-H is a great way to meet new people and become more involved in the community. It teaches you leadership and how to be a better person with everything that you do.